Live Music Now

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“Thanks Sam, the photos have come through and they’re great.”  Helen Mahoney, Director, Live Music Now, North East.

Uplifting morning shooting a case study for Live Music Now at a special school in Sheffield.  The Dovetail Trio entertained the pupils with performance and songs which they thoroughly enjoyed.

SRF Conference Liverpool

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2018 got off to a flying start with four days in Liverpool covering the Society for Reproduction and Fertility Annual Conference.  It was held jointly between the Liverpool Exhibition Centre and the ACC.  The car park used for both venues was badly damaged by fire over Christmas and still had over 1400 cars in the burnt-out building.

DEMEC 2017 Manchester

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Two days in Manchester covering the DEMEC 2017 conference at the MCC (Manchester Convention Centre).  Below, Sir Muir Gray in full flow during his keynote address to a packed auditorium.


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Two days covering BP2017 event at the Yorkshire Event Centre, Harrogate.  BP2017 is the UK’s leading potato event for all those involved in the potato industry from growers, to packaging specialists to machinery producers.  Didn’t know spuds could be so interesting!

College of Podiatry Annual Conference 2017

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Busy three days in Liverpool covering the College of Podiatry Annual Conference at the ACC (Arena and Conference Centre). With 1500 delegates it’s the largest podiatry event of its kind in Europe.  TV presenter and scientist Dr Alice Roberts was one of the keynote speakers.

Elevated Property

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I recently acquired a 10 metre extendable pole which is used for shooting property, buildings and landscapes from an elevated position. Easy to use and set up it’s a much simpler and affordable option compared to a drone or cherry-picker!

Floral Bonnets

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Fun preview picture for the Spring Harrogate Flower Show in April.  One of the more unusual floral displays will be done in the bonnets of cars!  Various pictures were used in local and regional press and online.

Harrogate Ladies College Choir

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Good luck to Harrogate Ladies College Chapel Choir who have reached the finals of the Barnardo’s National Choral Competition and are singing in the Royal Festival Hall in March.

Prospectus Queen Mary’s

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Having shot two previous prospectuses for Queen Mary’s School, near Thirsk, it was great to be back working on new photos for the schools prospectus, web site and marketing.  Looking forward to my next visit.

The Great Escape

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Wildlife artist Robert E Fuller has taken unusual steps to get out to the hides in his garden without disturbing the wildlife that visits – he’s built a 23 foot tunnel from his house to the hide.  Used by the Daily Express online and in the paper – see below.